New beginnings – Redweb is hiring a User Experience Consultant

It’s been a while (6 months to be precise) since I posted anything on here and although I’d rather my first post back was one of the many half started blog posts I have stored away, I felt this was an ideal time for me to share some news and go some way to explaining why I’ve been so quiet of late.

  • Launched a new portfolio – After about a year of procrastination, and with a little help from Matt Budd‘s coding skills, I finally relaunched my personal portfolio website. A lot of  work has gone into it and I’ll hopefully blog more about it soon.
  • Exciting projects in the pipeline – The first half of 2011 has been an exciting time for Redweb and the UX team has been kept busy with some very interesting, and challenging, projects. There’s a lot of things I’ve learnt while working on these projects that I’d like to share but I’ll wait until the website’s have gone live before I do.
  • A baby on the way – We’re expecting our first baby later this year, which I’m understandably stoked about. I can’t wait to become a Dad, and although I know it’ll have a profound effect on me I’ve made the decision not to write about my personal life from now on so I’ll be trying my hardest not to mention it again.
  • Made a big decision – after 6 years at Redweb I felt it was time I set myself some new challenges and move on. It’s been great to witness Redweb grow and evolve over the years and I feel privileged to have played a part in it. But, as of this week, I’m joining SapientNitro as an Information Architecture Manager.  I’m really looking forward to the challenges this will bring and hopefully I’ll share them on here (if I get the chance).

This means there’s now a UX-shaped hole at Redweb. Although, initially at least, they’re not directly replacing me they are looking to recruit a new User Experience Consultant to help bolster the team.

Before leaving I worked closely with the team to make sure the quality of the UX offering and the way it permeates through the agency is not lost or negatively impacted. I have the utmost confidence in the team I leave behind and I’ll be watching them with interest over the coming months. The vacancy is a great opportunity for anyone wanting to work on the south coast as part of a professional, well established and award winning team with some interesting and varied clients.

Sound interesting? Take a look at the job description for more details. Alternatively feel free to get in touch with me if you have any questions you’d like to ask.


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