I’m standing for UK Liaison in the UKUPA December elections

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This month the UK Usability Professionals’ Association (UK UPA) has introduced 4 new roles into the committee to help reduce workload and share responsibilities. In my opinion this is a great idea, especially as the roles are so clearly defined, allowing each person to have a very specific focus and function.

UK Liaison

Of particularly interest to me is the position of UK Liaison, a role designed to represent the UK UPA outside of London and support new and existing regional UX communities. The main requirements of the position are to:

  • Provide the main point of contact for and lead UK UPA activities around collaboration with other UX/Usability groups outside of London
  • Build relationships and liaise with existing and potential UK chapters
  • Be the first point of contact for all UK chapter queries
  • Make members aware of related events, and advertise London based UK UPA events to other UK  groups
  • Take a lead role in ensuring that speakers and resources are shared across other groups events where possible


Although I think the UK UPA does a great job I believe this is a role that has been lacking for some time. Back in August, during the main committee elections Jane Austin (now Vice Chair) asked for questions to be posed to candidates.

Although I work for a ‘regional’ agency our clients are spread far and wide and naturally a portion of my time is spent working in London. It’s because of the amount of time I spend in London that I’m able to engage with the UPA and attend events, but I know many people who aren’t so fortunate. I’ve felt for some time that the association is not fully representative of the UK, and focuses a disproportion amount on London.

Following Jane’s request I posed the question, how candidates would support UPA members and the wider industry outside of London. I was surprised by the level of discussion this raised and soon realised I wasn’t alone in my opinion.

Since, then it’s played on my mind and I’ve wanted to do something to help support regional communities, but haven’t really known in what form to express this. So it was great to find out that the UK UPA were creating the new role. Although, I’m sure my chances are slim I knew I’d regret it if I didn’t stand. So last week I submitted my nomination for the post of UK Liaison.

Voting opened on Monday 22nd November and I now have a nervous wait until 15th December when we find out the results.

The quality of competition I face is high, with nominations coming from both Bunnyfoot and Flow Interactive, two agencies I have the utmost respect for. Although I personally don’t know the other candidates, Nick and Greg, I’m confident that if I’m not successful the position will be in very good hands.


Having said that, please vote for me! Unfortunately only UPA members are eligible to vote, if you are a member please consider my nomination. You can find out more about my nomination as well as the other candidates on the election page of the UK UPA website and you can cast your vote on SurveyMonkey.

If you’re not a member I’d still really appreciate your support. Although voting is only open to members UK UPA, events are open to all so it’s important that everyone has a say in it’s future.

If you have any thoughts or ideas you’d like to share I’d be really interested to hear them so please leave a comment or question below. How do you think the UK UPA can better support regional UX communities? What would you like from the UK Liaison role?


3 thoughts on “I’m standing for UK Liaison in the UKUPA December elections

  1. Hi Paul, it sounds like along with the UK UPA, we have both recognised a need for the organisation to reach beyond London and support the rest of us out of the big city. This committee position is a great start.

    Whoever is successful, I’m sure we can count on each other to bounce ideas and help each other out. Best of luck in the elections and hope to meet you soon.



  2. Hi Nick,
    It certainly seems like we’re on the same page. Like you say, if it’s not me, I’ll definitely be giving the successful candidate my full support.

    Best of luck to you too. Hopefully see you soon, are you attending on Thursday?



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