11 Principles of Interaction Design

The following short presentation was put together for our fortnightly ux meetups at Redweb. It covers 11 principles of Interaction Design. It’s not intended as an exhaustive list, simply an introduction to the subject.

I added the presentation to Slideshare a couple of months ago but just recently it’s had a few people watching and tweeting about it so I thought it was worth sharing . Unfortunately my notes aren’t included within the slideshow but if you’d like to know more please get in touch.


About UX Thursdays

Every fortnight, without fail, the UX team at Redweb gets together to knowledge share with the rest of the agency. At first I set up the sessions simply as a platform for me to raise the profile of our role within the agency but over the past year it’s grown into so much more.

Today  it not only acts as a way for me to communicate to the wider agency but it helps to:

  • Educate the people we work with ( e.g. designers, developers, account managers) on the breadth and depth of User Experience
  • Develop the team’s presentational skills
  • Provide an open platform for debate
  • Give fledgling/under represented areas a platform to communicate to the wider agency, for example Search or Content Strategy
  • Introduce new service areas or methodologies at an early stage of development
  • Showcase work that we’re proud of without having to wait until it’s officially gone live.

The presentation above is just one of many that has been put together for UX Thursdays.


2 thoughts on “11 Principles of Interaction Design

  1. A very interesting read and definitely one of the most useful presentations I have seen for a long while.

    Is there any chance you will be able to provide the slide notes?


    • Thanks for the positive comment Jake it’s really appreciated. For some reason Slideshare didn’t import the slide notes. I’ll look into it and find a way to include them.


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