Roundup: What have I been up to lately?

The last couple months has been a hectic time and with the end of the year just round the corner I thought I’d better blog about  some of it. I’ve had several blog posts on the go and not managed to finish a single one of them. I even wrote a post back in September where I finished up by saying I’d follow it up shortly with a related post and simply haven’t had the time to finish it. I’m usually loathed to make excuses but thought I’d make an exception and mention all the things that I’ve been up to since last updating Shortboredsurfer. So what have I been up to?

Contributed to Web Designer Magazine

Web Designer Magazine (October, issue 163)

Web Designer Magazine (November, issue 163)

Back in November I contributed to the cover article of Web Designer Magazine along with Damian Proctor (Head of Design at Redweb). We were asked to pick and redesign a truly bad website. Our work was showcased along side the likes of Carsonified, which we both felt pretty honoured by.  We picked and were really pleased with the results, even if I do say so myself. We treated the redesign as a real project and documented our process along the way. We’re currently working on complimentary blog posts to explain our thinking behind the redesign so keep a look out for mine in the New Year.

Interviewed by .Net Magazine

.net magazine

.net magazine (December, issue 196)

Much the same as buses you wait ages to be asked to contribute to a magazine and then 2 come along at once. Shortly after the Web Designer magazine article I was interviewed by Craig Grannell (@CraigGrannell) for the .net magazine cover story ‘Build the ultimate user experience’. I was amazed to see some of the other people interviewed for the article and really pleased to be have the opportunity to be a part of it and help promote UX design.

Won a BIMA Award

Redweb entered the BIMA Awards for the first time this year and were lucky enough to get 2 nominations, one of which was a website I designed for the Electoral Commission. A bunch of us headed along to the awards under no illusions that we stood even the remotest chance of winning. The Electoral Commission site, ‘About my vote’, looked like the outsider from the start, running up against entries from BBC, British Gas and Channel4.  Amazingly we slayed Goliath and came home with a shiny new BIMA. I wrote about the project on the Redweb blog. If you’re interested you can read the post here.

Cheated on Short Bored Surfer

Talking of the Redweb blog I have a confession to make. I’ve been cheating on Short Bored Surfer. I didn’t mean to do it, it just sort of happened… more than once. But it didn’t mean anything, honest. I’ve written 3 posts over the last couple of months on the Redweb blog:

Redesigned my portfolio

A preview of the Joystik redesign

A preview of the Joystik redesign

Like most designers I haven’t been happy with my design portfolio since launching it. The problem I’ve been having of late is that I seldom do conceptual design work any more so there seemed little point in redesigning it. I’ve finally found the motivation and come up with something that I feel successfully represents my work. You can take a sneaky peak at the concepts on Flickr but unfortunately you’ll have to wait until the New Year to see the finished thing.

(And finally…) Planned the final Meetdraw of the year

Although it doesn’t seem like a year since we gave birth to Meetdraw the fourth and final event of 2009 took place in early December. Once again the turn out was fantastic and in my opinion the best event yet. We’ve got some great plans for Meetdraw in 2010 so make sure to check out the new Meetdraw website designed my StrawberrySoup.


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    • Thanks Ollie, much appreciated. Look forward to hearing all about your adventures in the New Year. Have a great Christmas.


  1. This is what you have been upto, there seems no mention of the mountain of wedding invites though! Some really good achievements! Roll on 2010!


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