A quick and painless review of Meetdraw3: The Meetcounter

IF you don’t already know (and if you don’t where have you been) Meetdraw is a series of informal meetups organised for and shaped by people working in digital.  Its for anyone work in or interested by digital; whether designer, developer, blogger, UX practitioner, account pimp, social media guru,  search specialist, twittaholic or student.

Nice to meat you

The latest instalment, Meetdraw3 lovingly referred to as ‘The Meetcounter,’ took place on Wednesday 14th October at The Winchester Pub in Bournemouth. Thanks to Creative Advantage and the Dorset Design Forum we were able to secure funding for the event so all the eager beavers who turned up early enjoyed free drinks and pizza. The grumblings from the late comers was noted, written down and securely filed away in the nearest recycling bin.

It was great to see lots of familiar faces and catchup with old friends but also a great opportunity to welcome some newbies to the way of the meat.

Strawberrysoup with Limes!

The boys from StrawberrySoup in attendance (photo by Adam Wintle)

Once again we had a cracking turn out and everyone seemed to agree that it was the most successful Meetdraw so far. Although we made a conscious decision to change format and venue with each new event the consensus of opinion this time round was that The Winchester should be our home from now on so for the time being, at least, it looks like it will be.


The Meetcounter full with questions (photo by John Parker)

Thanks to everyone who turned up and especially to everyone who helped out on the night, I’d list out the names but there’s too many to mention and I’d hate it if I missed someone out.

What next?

Attention now turns to the next event and the last for 2009, Meetdraw4: The Christmas Meetball (we will literally never get tired of meat based punnery). We really want to finish the year off nicely so hopefully with the continued support of Creative Advantage we’ll be able to do something that is even bigger and better.

If you’d like to help out in the future please let us know we’re always happy to hear from people.

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