D-List celebrity: My UX design interview with D-Lists


A while ago I was asked by Michael Wilson of D-Lists if I’d be willing to answer a few questions. I double checked to make sure the graves hadn’t been disturbed, burnt the clothes I was wearing ‘that night’ and tentatively agreed.

Thankfully Mike wasn’t working undercover and all he wanted to know was how I personally got into UX design and a few tips on how to develop your career. The full interview has just been  posted up on his site D-Lists.

If you’re unfamiliar with D-Lists its a blog that looks to compile lists of the very best in design from all over the world. Read the full interview on D-Lists now.


2 thoughts on “D-List celebrity: My UX design interview with D-Lists

  1. Good work on an informative blog and well done on being the first UX related post on D-Lists, you are obviously doing something good at work!


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