Footage of snowboarding in Whistler (part 1)

Back in 2007 I traveled to Whistler (British Columbia) with a bunch of friends for a spot of snowboarding. We had an amazing trip and some of the best conditions snow we’d ever experienced. I shot a whole load of video footage and made a promise to edit the footage together as soon as we returned. Over 2 years later and I’m only just fulfilling it!

I’ve been really struggling to put something together so I decided to break the footage down by rider and create individual movies, that way each of my traveling companions would stop hassling me one at a time. So here’s the first of the films:

Rider: Stu ‘The Councillor’ Cox

Although we were in a group of 10 I’ve probably only got enough footage for 3 or 4 films so I won’t be inflicting too many on the World. The footage isn’t great and I’m a rubbish editor but I always find the experience enjoyable.

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