TweetDeck and its worsening usability flaw

I wrote a post back in March about TweetDecks ‘other actions’ menu and how it bugs me slightly. I just downloaded TweetDeck v0.25b and the thing that bugged me before has just go worse!

Don’t get me wrong I still love TweetDeck and its integration with Facebook looks like a move in the right direction. However, its frustrating to see such a good App deteriate through the overload of functionality.

The story so far

To recap my previous post I commented on the ‘other actions’ menu and how it was overly complex, highlighting functions that aren’t relevant such as ‘follow’ on people you already follow right underneath the link ‘unfollow’. This issue is repeated for ‘translate’ and other functions besides. At the time I looked at how this could be simplified and created a mock up to illustrate my point. I’m not saying this was perfect but in my opinion it was definitely an improvement.

Old TweetDeck menu with redundant functions

Old TweetDeck menu with redundant functions

The new issue

Its interesting to note that in the latest release of TweetDeck the menu has evolved but instead of simplifying it the functions have been grouped into ‘User’ and ‘Tweet’. I like the way the functions have been categorised but all this does is turn a simple dropdown menu into a cascading menu and increases the complexity of the experience. It now feels a cumbersome and fiddly. There’s a delay in the decision making process as you now have to think for a second and make an extra choice before acheiving your intended goal.

The new cascading menu

The new cascading menu

Its a similar situation to when ‘view source’ in Firebug, the Firefox plugin, went from a primary function to a lesser item within a cascading menu. The way users interacted with the interface wasn’t considered.

I’m guessing the reasoning behind the categorisation is to try to simplify the menu down, what I don’t understand is why the redundant functions have simply been removed.

The revised solution

I thought I’d have a go at modifying my original concept to incorporate the categorisation which you can see below.

Version 2 of my 'other actions' menu concept

Version 2 of my 'other actions' menu concept

If you’re a TweetDeck user (or even if you’re not) I’d be interested to hear what you think. You can have your say by leaving a comment or sending a tweet to me @paulseys.


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