Amplified 09: networking at the network of networks


On Tuesday, after a rather pleasant lunchtime meeting in Hoxton with Justin Windle (Soulwire) and Mark Ng (@markng), I popped along to Amplified09 flanked by Redweb’s answer to the Chucklebrothers, David Burton and Carl Martin.

If you haven’t heard of Amplified before its a “network of networks with the intent of creating unity and collaboration throughout the digital/creative/production/media industries.”

I was planning to write a post on the whole experience but luckily Carl beat me to it and pretty much covered everything I was aiming to! So if you want to read the post I was going to write read Carl’s post (Review: Amplified 09 (Tiger Tiger, London) #amp09) instead.

In short the event seemed to be a real success. The concept of breakout sessions every hour where groups could discuss predefined topics was an interesting one and something I hadn’t been a part of before. As I’m currently helping to setup a new event, in the form of Meetdraw, it was really useful to see how Amplified09 worked and there was definitely some elements that we’ll be looking to incorporate into Meetdraw in the near future.

Over at Mobile Advertising Matters Carl’s already highlighted the 2 main issues to come out of Amplified09  but to reiterate:

  • Timing – an hour seemed like a long time but by the time sessions had been setup and introductions made it soon ran out.
  • Facilitation – it was nice that everyone involved in the discussion were equal but I think it would have been far more productive for each topic if there had been a facilitator to assist.

Further to Carls points:

  • Rules – I really liked the 3 rules;
    • The 1 tweet rule – Only tweet once, after a session has ended. Mention the best thing about that session and include the event #hashtag
    • 1 mouth 2 ears – Everyone needs to participate, don’t just talk at people, but also don’t sit back and just listen
    • The 2 feet rule – If you’re not benefiting from a discussion get up and walk away.

Although certain elements left me disappointed I don’t think I’d rule out attending a future Amplified event as its always good to meet new like-minded people and I’m sure given more time I’d learn to appreciate the setup more.

If you were at Amplified09 and have an alternative outlook please feel free to comment below.