Google Tasks appears to help me get things done


The big G

I’m notoriously bad at time-management and constantly guilty of taking too much on. A great example of this was when an old colleague at Redweb subtly lent me a book on delegation and time management patronisingly called ‘The One Minute Manager Meets the Monkey‘. I’d love to tell you about it but after 6 months they asked for the book back and wanted to know what I thought of it, I had to own up and explain that I’d been far too busy to actually find the time to read it!

Every know and again I find myself creating short to-do lists and now with the power of the iPhone looking around for suitable apps that can help me, but neither efforts have resulted in any level of success. I soon realised the problem is one of integration.

I used to even struggle to keep an up to date diary but once I signed up for a Gmail account things seemed that much easier as it also allowed me to start using Google calendar, which I could access from anywhere; home, studio or via mobile. By integrating a calendar with my email seamlessly and having the ability to share my calendars with others made my life so much easier.

So when looking for a decent option for a to-do list app I kept returning to the same problem that any solution would be alien to my current work flow.

Google introduces Tasks

Google introduces Tasks (click image)

Now the wonderful world of Google has solved this problem. When I opened up my email this morning I was instantly greeted by a small ‘tip’ highlighting the addition of ‘Tasks’ to my Gmail UI. I really liked the way Google dealt with this addition to the UI, no fanfare or drastic change simply a small overlay to the interface introducing the new feature and giving me the option to ignore it, start using it or learn more. Similarly earlier in the week when they modified the Gmail UI the change was subtle. Its a great way to improve a product; small, incremental updates that enhance the user experience and are easily adopted and integrated into an existing workflow rather than wide scale changes as illustrated by Facebook not so long ago.

Sufficed to say I haven’t yet started using my new Tasks app but I’ll definitely start doing so next week… if I can find the time, that is.


4 thoughts on “Google Tasks appears to help me get things done

  1. Barney, for time management/productivity check out ‘Getting Things Done’ or google GTD sometime. Poss. the best approach I’ve seen and one that’s simplifyed everything I do. You’ll also love that there are iPhone apps dedicated to GTD.

    Fortunately for me there are also Windows Mobile apps for me


    • I’ve heard a few things about GTD but funnily enough not had any time to look into it properly! I know Paul Boag and Steve Pearce both use GTD. Burton was looking into some of the iPhone apps recently so maybe I should investigate further. Thanks for the recommendation!


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