5 chi.mp beta invites to give away

chi.mp release more beta invites

Chi.mp is “a new solution for managing your online identity, your content, your contacts” as well as being a way to control “who sees what.”

I must admit I haven’t really used it yet but have been signed up to it for ages. Yesterday I was given 5 invites to help share the love so if anyone would like an invite add a comment to this post (including your email address, which won’t be displayed) and I’ll invite you up real nice.

I’ve only got 5 invites so first come first served, so get commenting.

If anyones interested you can see my chi.mp-ishness at uxca.mp.


13 thoughts on “5 chi.mp beta invites to give away

  1. Paul,

    Looks interesting. It would be nice to handle all social media profiles from one central location, but on the other hand, I use iGoogle for that exact purpose.

    Therefore the only extra function Chi.mp appears to offer me is the ability to present my social profiles through ‘personas’, of which I can have several, and manage privacy to show certain aspects of my social profile to certain people.

    I guess my question would be: are there enough of my contacts who would be inclined to use my Chi.mp profile over the means they currently use to connect to me (be it Facebook, Flickr, Hotmail, Gmail etc.) to make my having a ‘Chi.mp domain’ worthwhile/necessary?

    If not, why not just use iGoogle (or whatever I’m using already)?

    Mind you, if you don’t have your own website or blog, then maybe it’s a quick way of setting up your ‘own space’.

    I fully appreciate the fact that I may not fully understand Chi.mp’s USPs, and that you don’t have all the answers. Just thought it might be worth throwing that out there.

    Or not! :p


  2. You’ve got some really interesting points there Ben. I pretty much agree, I think I’ve reached maximum social media saturation point at the moment and I’m not sure how much I’d use a service like this.

    although like you say if you haven’t got a blog/website of your own it could potentially come in handy. On the surface its pretty similar to Tumblr and I’m not sure how successful that’s been.


  3. Oh and one other thing, I use Tumblr on http://www.adamwintle.com – I found it wasn’t enough for a proper blog, even though you can write full pages of text on there, but perfect for what I’m using it for.

    As for chi.mp – I always love checking out new web apps, even if they’re rubbish – I personally like to login to various social networks, they each have their own personality and flavor – over time I’ve deleted profiles on services that are not so great and generally just keep five or so good ones…


  4. It’s really interesting to hear people’s thoughts on Chi.mp

    I just spoke to Laurel Boylen at Chi.mp and she’s agreed to answering a few questions, interview stylee, so if anyone has anything they’d like answered add a comment 🙂


  5. Hi Brandon, congratulations you’re lucky number 5! If you have any questions or feedback you’d like me to pass on to Chi.mp let me know.


  6. Paul – love it, thanks! I’m having some issues, but nothing major. It’s a beta, so there will be hiccups. But so far the site seems to do a lot of the things I’ve been looking for.


  7. Sorry Bashford, the final invite went last night. I’m speaking with Laurel at the moment so I’ll try and squeeze an extra invite out of her!


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