11 Principles of Interaction Design explained

Back in July I posted a presentation on Slideshare highlighting 11 key interaction design principles. Some of the feedback I received asked if I could share my notes from the presentation which is exactly what I’m … Read more →

11 Principles of Interaction Design

The following short presentation was put together for our fortnightly ux meetups at Redweb. It covers 11 principles of Interaction Design. It’s not intended as an exhaustive list, simply an introduction to the subject. I … Read more →

Simplifying voter registration: my small part in the general election

With the General Election only a couple of weeks away the website I designed for the Electoral Commission, aboutmyvote.co.uk, has received quite a bit of news coverage. As I mentioned in my previous post, at … Read more →

The World’s worst best website – redesigning MoneySavingExpert

Back in October Damian Proctor (Redweb’s Head of Design) and I were asked by Web Designer Magazine to pick a website that we felt represented ‘bad’ design, explain why and offer up a solution of … Read more →

D-List celebrity: My UX design interview with D-Lists

A while ago I was asked by Michael Wilson of D-Lists if I’d be willing to answer a few questions. I double checked to make sure the graves hadn’t been disturbed, burnt the clothes I … Read more →