Breeding Faster Horses – Misunderstanding User Experience

“If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses.” This quote makes my teeth grind. It’s attributed to Henry Ford and supposedly  relates to the origins of the Model-T Ford, but … Read more →

An introduction to Lean UX

Back in June I flew up to Edinburgh for UX Scotland, a new User Experience conference. The highlight for me was a full-day workshop with Jeff Gothelf, author of ‘Lean UX’, the latest book in … Read more →

The 10 Best UX Books for 2013

Back in January the lovely folks at UX Booth asked me to write a follow up to the Best UX books of 2010. There are a whole load of great books, due to be published this year, … Read more →

What’s the point of UX certification?

Recently at work we’ve been discussing the merits of various UCD training courses, with particular focus on those offering certification. Our UX team is in its infancy, and still relatively small, but we’ve managed to establish … Read more →

Teaching user experience with Lego

Whenever I have to communicate what it is I do, or the benefits of UX, I feel a bit like a  salesmen, having to convince someone (almost against their will) why they should care about … Read more →